Acne is a chronic skin disease that often reflects the situation inside the body.

In the fight against acne, appropriate measures should be taken regarding aspects related to: lifestyle, home care, supplementation/ antibiotic therapy, and treatment with a specialist.


don’t touch your face;

avoid comedogenic products;

do not use preparations that intensively dry and degrease the skin;

moisturize, take care of the hydrolipid coat;

cleanse the skin thoroughly using mild preparations;

exfoliate your skin regularly without using scrubs;

do not use heavy, greasy products;

follow hygiene rules when getting rid of efflorescence;

avoid products that worsen acne;

maintain a balanced diet;

clean your phone screen and change your bedding regularly.

Active ingredients helpful in reducing acne:

zinc, niacinamide, sage, tea tree oil, colloidal silver, activated carbon, centella asiatica, tamanu oil, black cumin oil, algae, aloe, acids.