Wrinkles are an inherent element of natural aging processes, the intensity of their formation is determined by many factors, including: body hydration, stress, sleep, external factors, age, home care, treatment therapy, hydrolipid layer, lifestyle, nutrition, supplementation, facial expressions, hormonal balance, genetics.



static wrinkles,

dynamic wrinkles- facial wrinkles,

gravity wrinkles,

sun wrinkles,

sleep wrinkles,

atrophic wrinkles,

elastic wrinkles,

wrinkles from dehydration.

Anti wrinkle prevention:

proper hydration of the body,

stress reduction,

adequate amount of sleep,

using pillowcases with a low degree of creases,

using SPF,

using anti wrinkle ingredients in home care,

regular skin exfoliation,

using treatment therapy with a rejuvenating effect,

ensuring the proper functioning of the hydrolipid layer,

active lifestyle,

balanced diet,

limiting stimulants,

supplementation, including ensuring proper collagen synthesis,

regular massages to relax facial muscles,

ensuring the proper functioning of the hormonal balance, and during menopause, using appropriate dietary prophylaxis.

To maintain a healthy appearance, you need to act comprehensively, as there are many factors that affect the condition and quality of the skin:

taking care of the proper functioning of the body, hormonal balance and an active lifestyle contributes to slowing down the aging process of the body,


proper hydration, balanced diet and supplementation have a preventive effect,


home care, including regular exfoliation, use of SPF, ensuring the proper functioning of the hydrolipid layer, massages and the use of targeted active ingredients have a preventive and regenerative effect in anti-wrinkle therapy,


treatment therapy with a rejuvenating effect stimulates fibroblasts, rebuilds tissue defects and allows you to maintain smooth skin in perfect condition,


stress reduction, limiting stimulants and a healthy lifestyle prevent early aging of the body.

Anti wrinkle active ingredients:

peptides, retinol, vitamin C, elastin, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, snail slime, stem cells, ceramides, resveratrol, ginkgo biloba, taurine, rhamnose, baicalin, active ingredients rebuilding the hydrolipid layer.