Cavitation peeling is a method of painless and deep skin exfoliation dedicated to even the most sensitive skin, including vascular skin. The peeling allows you to effectively remove dead skin cells, thoroughly cleansing the skin and inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria on its surface.


deep cleansing of the skin,

obtaining radiant, healthy, illuminated skin,


oxygenates, rejuvenates and moisturises,

stimulation of blood circulation,

thorough removal of dead skin,

skin firming.

Cavitation improves blood and lymph flow, providing the skin with oxygen and stimulating cells to naturally rebuild and regenerate

This treatment is made using a special device that emits ultrasonic waves, which, when in contact with moist skin, cause the effect of cavitation. It consists in changing the liquid phase into the gas phase under the influence of reducing the pressure. Water on the skin creates microscopic bubbles filled with rarefied gas, which burst violently under the action of ultrasonic waves, leading to the breakdown of dead skin cells and revealing a younger layer of skin devoid of impurities and blackheads. 

Thanks to the exfoliation of dead epidermis, skin absorbs active substances more easily. During the treatment, thanks to ultrasonic vibrations, a micromassage of the skin is also performed, which improves its oxygenation and microcirculation, stimulates the production of collagen and stimulates cell metabolism.