A chemical peel (acid) is a procedure involving the removal of dead skin cells using the action of chemical substances- acids applied to the skin.


Chemical peeling cleanses the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and improves the qualitycondition and appearance of the skin, while adding radiance

The use of acids on the face additionally rejuvenates and has an anti aging effect.

Peeling consists of properly composed mixtures tailored individually to the needs of the skin, which, depending on the preparation, the concentration of the active substance and the appropriate pH, lead to peeling on various levels of the skin.

Depending on the type, concentration and pH of the preparation used, we obtain different potency.



superficial– its action covers only the epidermis, which is removed in order to eliminate small wrinkles, discolorations, as well as remove acne;

medium deep– the action covers both the epidermis and the dermis, it is used to reduce deeper wrinkles, scars on the skin and more serious discolorations;

deep– the chemicals used act on the dermis, it works in the same way as medium deep, but stronger chemical solutions are used to perform it. It is recommended for deep scars and wrinkles.



active herpes,

irritation, damage and interrupted skin continuity,

skin allergies,

atopic and seborrheic dermatitis,


pregnancy and breastfeeding

condition after cryotherapy up to 6 months before the procedure,

autoimmune diseases (e.g. collagenoses or pemphigus),

light treatment.

treatment with vitamin A derivatives.





sun damaged skin,


stretch marks,

skin dryness,

excessive greasiness,

skin lesions: blackhead acne, papulopustular acne,

rosacea in remission,

post acne complications- discoloration, atrophic scars and enlarged pores.



wrinkle reduction,

reversal of photoaging effects,

lightening discolorations,

restoring the skin’s natural color,

smoothing scars,

regulation of sebum secretion,

antibacterial and anti inflammatory effects,

deep cleansing of the skin,

hydration, nutrition and regeneration,

smoothing the skin structure,

rejuvenation, improvement of skin density and elasticity.

After the procedure you should:


use protective creams with a filter,

avoid sun and sunbeds,

do not use the sauna or swimming pool,

do not exfoliate the skin,

moisturise, hydrate and nourish the skin.

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