Discoloration is a disorder related to skin pigmentation. These are color changes in the form of spots of various sizes and shapes. They are formed as a result of the production of melanin, i.e. the natural pigment of the skin, which is produced by cells- melanocytes.


Changes on the skin are caused by the disturbed work of melanocytes, which distribute the pigment incorrectly, produce an excessive amount of it or simply form clusters of their cells. As a consequence, darker spots, freckles and discolorations are formed.



Freckles are small light brown or dark brown spots, often appearing in groups. They are mainly on the face, forearms and hands, in people with skin phototype I. The color darkens when exposed to the sun.


Melasma (chloasma) is discoloration that occurs as a result of hormonal changes. These are dark brown patches of irregular shape that occur on the cheeks, temples and forehead. The colors darken when exposed to the sun.


Lentigo (senile) spots are irregular dark lesions. They are caused by aging of the skin and excessive exposure to the sun. They are most often found on the backs of the hands and face.


Recurring discolorations are the result of the action of external factors (phototoxic agents) on the skin, they also include post-inflammatory traces (after acne), injuries, skin allergies, treatment complications in which the epidermis is damaged.

They arise as a result of:


hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause),


natural aging processes,

dermatological diseases,

diseases of the liver, kidneys or thyroid gland,

lack of photoprotection,

the action of sunlight,

contraceptive drugs,

postoperative complications,

genetic activities,

the use of drugs, herbs, cosmetics containing photosensitising, compounds.

Active ingredients that help reduce discoloration:


vitamin C,




retinol and retinoids,

smooth licorice root,



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