Fabulous lips is treatment that allows you to regain perfect smoothness, softness and hydration.


It is dedicated after hyaluronidase, for chapped lips and lovers of a natural effect. For women and men.




Specialised formula, which allows:


natural volume increase,

smoothing the texture of the lips,

improvement of hydration and softness,

lip red rejuvenation,

enhancing the natural color of the lips.



non crosslinked hyaluronic acid: strong hydration, anti aging, filling effect;

vitamin C: a powerful antioxidant;

pro-vitamin B5: gives a feeling of softness

and elasticity;

vitamin E: nourishes, tones and regenerates;

vitamin A: moisturises, nourishes and protects.




infectious diseases- bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic,


skin changes of unknown origin occurring in the treatment area.

The effects are achieved only after the first treatment.

For the best results, the recommended series is 3- 5 treatments every 3- 4 weeks.