Hydrolipid barrierhydrolipid layerprotective barrier of the skin.

The hydrolipid layer is a mixture of  sebum, sweat, lipids:

secretions of the sebaceous glands- sebum, 

derived from sweat glands- water/ sweat, 

produced in the metabolic processes of keratinocytes, i.e. cells responsible for the production of keratin- lipids (ceramides, sterols- cholesterol and its esters, free fatty acids, hydrocarbons).

The skin’s protective barrier performs the following functions:


protects the skin from various external factors: bacteria, fungi, toxins; 

protects against negative environmental factors; 

prevents the evaporation of water from the epidermis (protects against dryness, dehydration and roughness);

maintains the correct slightly acidic pH of the skin- thus enabling the growth of beneficial microorganisms (microbiome) on the skin, and limiting the development of pathogenic microorganisms; responsible for the processes of absorption and penetration of various substances into the skin.

The natural protective barrier can be weakened by: 


too frequent exfoliation, strong cleansing, improper care; unfavorable weather conditions; 

skin exposure to UV radiation; 

being in a dry air environment; chronic dermatological diseases (e.g. atopic dermatitis);

too high a concentration of the new active ingredient and dermatological treatment; 

lack of EFAs in the diet- essential unsaturated fatty acids- omega 3 and 6; 

contact with detergents and solvents, mechanical injuries.

Symptoms of a damaged hydrolipid layer

dryness, roughness, dehydration; 

feeling of tightness, burning and itching; 

irritation, redness and damage to the skin; 

excessive sebum production; 

the occurrence of inflammation; 


unhealthy gray or sallow skin tone.

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