Peeling is designed to exfoliateremove dead, calloused epidermis cells and cleanse the skin of all impurities.


The effect of this is oxygenation, increased microcirculation, stimulation of cells to rebuild and regenerate, as well as better absorption of active ingredients.


The skin takes on a healthy appearance, the structure is smoothed and the condition of the skin is improved.

Ill matched peeling, too frequent exfoliation and improperly matched care can completely disrupt the natural functioning of cells, damage the hydrolipid layer and lead to a defensive effect- excessive sebum production.


The frequency of peeling, its type and care should be individually tailored to the type, needs and condition of the skin.

Types of peels:



mechanical/ physical: scrub- abrasion of the layer of dead epidermis with a special exfoliating material; divided into finegrained and coarsegrained.



enzymatic: dissolving dead epidermis with the help of enzymes- they loosen the connections between cells.



gommage: (fr. gumming)- a combination of scrub and enzymes.



chemical: exfoliation of epidermal layers with acids; they are divided into superficial (acting within the stratum corneum), medium deep (reaching the basal layer of the epidermis) and deep (acting within the basal layer and the outer layer of the dermis).



herbal: strong exfoliation with herbal mixtures.

The effects of regular use of peelings:



exfoliation and cleansing of the skin;

oxygenation and improvement of microcirculation;

better penetration of active substances;

color alignment and reduction of discoloration;

reduction of acne and regulation of sebaceous glands;

smoothing the skin structure;

healthy, radiant, glowing skin;

improvement of skin elasticity and flexibility;

reduction of fine lines and wrinkles;

revitalisation and regeneration.

Always use high SPF protection.

When using peelings, remember to maintain proper home care

– not all ingredients can be combined with each other- it carries the risk of irritation, burns and negative effects on the condition of the skin.

Pregnant and lactating women, allergy sufferers and oncological patients should be especially careful.

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