An exclusive treatment during which they are used 

carefully selected active ingredients- a therapeutic composition of highly concentrated substances 

and synergistic effect of treatments, thanks to which 

spectacular, unrivaled and lasting effects are achieved.

Dedicated to the most demanding Patients who value the quality and efficiency of services.

The treatment is completely personalised. 

The methods of operation are adapted to the needs of the skin, the expected effects and the patient’s capabilities 

taking into account the existing contraindications. 

Active substances that can be used during the treatment: 

hyaluronic acid




amino acids 

biomimetic peptides 

growth factors 


nucleic acids

reducing agents



The treatment is aimed at eliminating the problem in the shortest possible time, 

restoring the perfect condition of the skin 

and protecting it from harmful external factors. 

During the procedure, all the tools, needles and cartridges used are disposable- sterile. 


A pretreatment consultation is required. 



Safe, effective, comprehensive operation.