Relaxation– the magic of touch.

Relaxation is a care treatment combined with a facial massage.

Stages and effects of the treatment:


enzyme therapy- to remove impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells and oxygenate the skin;


ampoule- a composition of active ingredients tailored to the needs of the skin, to revitalise, moisturise and nourish the skin;


deep relaxation massage- to reduce tension, relax and unwind.



improves venous, arterial and lymphatic circulation;

relaxes, loosens and relaxes;

stimulates the functioning of nerves, skin and muscles;

improves cellular metabolism, helps remove unnecessary metabolic products and releases toxins;

improves facial contour: lifts cheeks, reduces wrinkles, gives a natural lifting;

reduces furrows, lines and wrinkles;

reduces swelling and edema, reduces drooping eyelids and makes the skin more elastic.

Dedicated treatment for people:


living under stress, overworked, overtired,

wanting natural rejuvenation,

before an important event,

with facial tension, pain and the first signs of aging,

wanting to relax.


fungal, bacterial and viral infections,


facial inflammation, herpes, broken epidermis,

thrombosis, phlebitis, hypertension (unregulated),

wounds, damage, fresh scars on the face,

enlarged lymph nodes,

infection, flu, cold,

burnt, frostbitten or chapped skin,

other treatments:

botox, fillers, tissue stimulators: one month after application,

threads: 6 months from application,

acids, mesotherapy, boosters: individual time.