(collagen, hydro, oxy detox)


Skin boosters are the answer to demanding skin. The purpose of each BOOST YOUR SKIN is to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin. For this treatment, a complex of active ingredients is matched to the current needs of the skin. Treatments are non invasive, all year round, personalised.

Strong hydration, regeneration, revitalisation, rejuvenation, protective effect, acceleration of wound healing, reconstruction of the hydrolipid coat.


Personalised cleansing, gentle exfoliation and application of triple hyaluronic acid. The aim of the treatment is to eliminate roughness, dryness, tension and discomfort as well as to deeply moisturise the skin. Non invasive, strengthening care skin barrier, for everyone.

Smoothing, hydration, firming, rejuvenation, antioxidant effect, skin lightening, strengthening the blood bearing walls.


Personalised cleansing, gentle exfoliation and application elixir of youth- a combination of collagen with vitamins E and C.
The aim of the treatment is to rejuvenate the skin, giving glow, hydration, lifting and revitalisation. Non invasive care, rebuilding the skin from the inside, for everyone.

Purification, oxygenation, hydration, regeneration, revitalisation, stimulation of the intercellular respiration process, detoxification.

Multi stage cleansing, deep exfoliation and application of regenerating ingredients. The purpose of the treatment is cleansing and oxygenation and skin detoxification. Non invasive care, stimulating the process of intercellular respiration.

Bring your skin back to life.
Take care of the condition of your body skin in a comprehensive way.

Skin smoothing, oxygenation, cellulite reduction, stimulation of microcirculation, improvement of lymph flow, even skin tone, nutrition, improving firmness, making the skin more elastic, overall appearance improvement.

During the procedure, the following are used:

cleaning with enzymes or mechanical (adjusted to the needs),

chemical peeling (in response to skin problems),

booster application (personalised complex of ingredients),

massage (method tailored to your needs),

skin protection (suitable for final requirements).

Areas where skin boosters are used:

eye area, face, neck, cleavage, bust, back, hands, legs, arms.

Skin boosters help maintain good skin condition. This treatment do not require a convalescence period.

Can be used by young people with problematic skin, pregnant women and allergy sufferers.

The effects are visible after the first treatment, the recommended series is 3- 5 treatments every 4 weeks,

then once every 6- 8 weeks to maintain the effects and keep the skin in the best condition.