Telangiectasias are vascular changes- dilated capillaries that are located superficially.

These blood vessels are weak and not very flexible, so they tend to burst.

Bursting capillaries are primarily a problem of thin, dry and delicate skin, which has a pale, slightly pink tint.

The following have an adverse effect on blood vessels:

temperature fluctuations, frost, strong wind,
stress, emotions,
physical effort,
strong coffee,
alcohol, smoking,
hot spices,
air conditioning, dry air,
excessive exposure to the sun, sunbed,
long term, local use of steroids.


The skin reacts to all these stimuli with redness and burning. Initially, the changes may last only for a while, but over time they may turn into permanent erythema – they will start to crack.

Active ingredients that strengthen and constrict blood vessels:

vitamin C, horse chestnut, arnica, vitamin K1 oxide, vitamin E, yarrow, witch hazel, rutin, marigold, algae, niacin, silica, ginkgo biloba, centella asiatica, butcher’s broom extract, rose.