Tissue stimulants are substances that give a natural rejuvenation effect without changing facial features. The achieved results are based on stimulating the tissues. The compounds contained in the preparations force tissue regeneration, stimulating cells to multiply, thanks to which a natural filling effect is obtained in the treated areas.

The preparation is matched depending on: 

expected effects, condition of the skin and tissues.


Tissue stimulators are dedicated to people of all ages. 


Depending on the preparation used, they are used for skin denisting, lifting, bioremodeling, restoration of the lost face contour and profile, reduction of hamsters, multifaceted rejuvenation, giving volume- volumetry.


The effects of the treatment depend on the preparation used, the number of treatments and the individual predispositions of the person.


An innovative rejuvenating preparation intended for remodeling.

It contains the so called `molecule of youth`, i.e. a hybrid combination of molecules hyaluronic acid. It consists of stabilised HA hybrid complexes with a concentration of up to 64 mg; L-HA.



neutralises hamsters,

restores the lost contour and profile of the face,

tightens the skin,

multifaceted rejuvenation,

gives elasticity,

slimmed facial features,

neutralises sagging skin,

smoothes wrinkles,

denisty the skin.


The NUCLEOFILL tissue stimulator is a preparation based on on natural polynucleotides.

Intended for deep renewal and biorestructuring of the skin based on lifting, antioxidant effect and intensive hydration of the deep layers of the skin.


skin denisty,


improving flexibility,

reduction of skin laxity,

skin regeneration,

skin hydration,

anti aging prophylaxis.


It is a preparation containing a new generation of non crosslinked hyaluronic acid. The EJAL40 tissue stimulator is used to denisty the skin, improve its tension and elasticity, thanks to which it restores the natural contour of the face.


bio- revitalises dehydrated and damaged skin,

neutralises sagging skin,

eliminates signs of skin aging,

overall improvement of skin condition,

improves skin tone and elasticity.


It is a preparation with a patented, strongly rejuvenating formula, used to regenerate the intercellular matrix. It was obtained thanks to the combination of hyaluronic acid molecules and specially selected amino acids (glycine, L- proline, L- lysine, L- leucine, L- valine, L- alanine). The preparation is designed to stimulate fibroblasts to create new protein fibers, i.e. elastin and type I and III collagen, which are responsible for skin firmness and density.


skin biogenesis,

moisturising deep and superficial layers,

reduction of skin laxity,

reduction of lines and wrinkles,

replenishment of the intercellular matrix,

natural volumetric effect,

skin revitalisation.

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