Ultrasonic (cavitational) liposuction– is a completely safe, non invasive and painless procedure that uses the phenomenon of cavitation resulting from the action of low frequency ultrasonic waves.

Indications for the treatment are:

adipose tissue, cellulite, lymphatic stasis, poor circulation, flaccidity of the skin on the body.

The treatment consists in body massage, which allows the ultrasound to reach deep into the tissues.


Ultrasonic waves destroy the membranes of fat cells, thus removing locally accumulated adipose tissue. The lymph flow is improved, the functioning of the circulatory system and cellular metabolism are improved– the metabolism in the tissues is increased.


The treatment has an anesthetic effect and relaxes the muscles. In addition, emitted ultrasounds accelerate the penetration of concentrated care preparationsactive ingredients applied during the treatment, into the deeper layers of the skin.

Effects of the treatment:


stimulation of blood circulation,

lymphatic drainage of tissues- elimination of lymphatic stagnation,

increase in cellular metabolism,

reduction of fat cells,

cellulite reduction,

elasticity, smoothing and firming of the skin,

regeneration of collagen fibers, activation of fibroblasts,



skin rejuvenation.



hypersensitivity to ultrasound,

metal implants,


pregnancy and breastfeeding,




multiple sclerosis,


liver and kidney diseases,

uncompensated thyroid disease,

active skin changes (infections, inflammations).

During a series of treatments, the body should be properly hydrated (2- 2.5 liters of water per day).

The recommended series of treatments is 7- 10, every week; or as a complementary treatment, every 2- 3 weeks (in combination with injection lipolysis).