Injection lipolysis is a procedure during which a preparation is used for non surgical reduction of adipose tissue located under the skin. It is an aqueous gel based injection solution that dissolves fat tissue.

The treatment is minimally invasive, biocompatible and biodegradable. At the injection sites, a controlled, slight inflammation of the adipose tissue occurs, the cells of which are broken down, allowing passage through the lymphatic system, and then the unnecessary fat is transported to the liver and removed in metabolic processes.

The lipolysis treatment is completely safe. Swelling and redness may occur after the injections are given, and sometimes there are slight bruises after the needle is punctured. Places on the body subjected to the procedure sometimes become more sensitive to pressure and touch, patients may also experience slight pain or itching of the skin. However, this reaction usually persists for several days after the procedure and gradually subsides.

Injection lipolysis is suitable for people who want to reduce excess body fat in selected parts of the body, it is dedicated to women and men.


Injection lipolysis is used in areas of the body such as: chin, face, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, back, neck, shoulders, knees.

The effects of injection lipolysis and their spectacularity depend on the number of treatments and the treatment plan. 


Carrying out a series of injection lipolysis treatments allows you to:


loss of a few cm in circumference at the injection site,

better metabolism of skin cells,

improvement of microcirculation,

stimulation of skin regeneration,

skin nourishment.


acute diseases of the kidneys, liver,

insulin dependent diabetes, unstable diabetes,

thyroid diseases,

blood diseases associated with excessive bleeding,

constant use of blood thinners,

pregnancy and breastfeeding period,

children, teenagers,

patients after organ transplants.

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