The LOYALTY program entitles you to the package:

25% discount;

Birthday Program;

consultations, advice and analyses at any time during cooperation;

no reservation fee;

access to evening, weekend and holiday visits;

samples, accessories and product miniature ;

updating plans in light of the circumstances. 



`LOYALTY` is a loyalty program that entitles you to use

from unique discounts, promotional campaigns and offers only for Participants.




These Rules define the scope, conditions and rules of the Participant’s participation in the `LOYALTY` Program.


The organiser of the Program is THE CARMEN ROSE LTD.


The loyalty program is accepted by The Carmen Rose.


A Participant of the `LOYALTY` Program becomes a natural person with full or limited legal capacity who joins the Program on the terms described in the Rules.


The `LOYALTY` program entitles you to a 25% discount on:


Microneedle mesotherapy:
stem cells,
lifting complex,
triple hyaluronic acid,
growth factors,
elixir of youth.


oxy detox,
boost your body skin.


Beauty treatments:
Glass skin.
Vitamin shot.


Chemical peels (acids):
for skin with capillaries,
for acne prone skin,
for skin with discolorations,


Needle mesotherapy:
eye area,


Scar therapies, stretch marks therapies, trichological treatments, injection lipolysis, Fabulous Lips.
Sonophoresis. LED light.


Does not include treatments using botulinum toxin- prescription and preparation costs required.
Does not include treatments using tissue stimulators- preparation costs.
Does not include ROYAL line treatments.


The `LOYALTY` Program Participant is entitled to a discount on the Participant’s birthday- the discount is equal to the age of the Program Participant.

This discount can be used within 3 months from your birthday.


These Rules are available at and at The Carmen Rose.




An adult person with full legal capacity or a person with limited legal capacity becomes a Program Participant only with the written consent of the statutory representative or legal guardian who has used the services of The Carmen Rose at least once.


Qualification for the Program is automatic, voluntary and tantamount to acceptance of the Rules without any reservations.


The Participant is automatically qualified for the Program only if, when completing the form for Customers, the Participant agreed to the processing of his or her personal data for marketing purposes, as well as to receiving an offer and commercial information about the services provided and goods sold by the Organiser.


Participation in the Program is only possible in person and is not transferable

to another person, with reservation that one of the available discounts (-25%) may be transferred to a loved one.


The condition for joining `LOYALTY` is to use 5 or more services worth over £70 each or 7 or more services worth over £50 each within a year (from the first visit or from the qualifying visit for 365 days).


The Participant is qualified automatically- after meeting the conditions and at the time of joining, the Participant is informed about this fact by the Organiser.




The Program Participant is entitled to a 25% discount on each subsequent service (after using 5 services worth £70 or more each or 7 or more services worth more than £50 each during the year).


Participation in the club lasts 12 months from qualifying.


From the date of qualifying for `LOYALTY`, a new qualifying year for the Program is counted.


Participation in the program is extended for another 365 days if, in the qualifying year, the Participant used at least 5 services above £70 each or 7 or more services above £50 each (final price including promotions, rebates, and discounts resulting from `LOYALTY` program).


The discount granted cannot be converted into cash and cannot be sold.


The discount is calculated only on the regular price and cannot be combined with other promotions.




The Participant has the right to resign from participation in the Program at any time, and therefore loses the right to any promotional campaigns related to participation in the Program.


The Organiser may exclude the Participant from the Program with immediate effect if the Participant has requested to stop processing personal data, including marketing data, or has violated the Rules.


A Participant who wants to resign from the `LOYALTY` Program should inform the Organiser about this.




The duration of the Program is indefinite.


The Organiser reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any time during its duration. In the event of termination or suspension of the Program, the Organiser is obliged to inform the Program Participants and post appropriate information on the website and at The Carmen Rose.




The Controller of Personal Data of Program Participants is THE CARMEN ROSE LTD.


Participants’ Personal Data are used only for the purposes set out in the Rules and are not transferred to Partners, unauthorised persons or third parties.


Providing data is voluntary. The participant has the right to access his or her personal data and to correct or update it.


Upon termination of participation, the Organiser ceases to process the Participant’s personal data for purposes related to the implementation of the Program.




The Organiser reserves the right to change the Rules at any time during the Program. The changes introduced are effective from the moment the new version of the Rules is posted on the website and at The Carmen Rose.


The Participant is entitled to keep up to date with news related to the Program and promotions addressed only to Participants.


Participants may submit any questions and comments related to participation in the Program to the Organiser by sending an inquiry via the provided contact details or directly to the Organiser.


The Program Participant declares that he has read these Rules and does not raise any objections to them.


The Rules are valid from December 31, 2023.